We Are Careste

Sustainably-Made Clothes, Individually Created On-Demand

Founded by two fashion luxury veterans who aim to disrupt traditional luxury retail and #EndFashionWaste.

CEO, Celeste Markey and Creative Director, Elizabeth Rickard Shah, have a combined 40 years of experience and have honed their design and marketing expertise at iconic brands such as Giorgio Armani, Sonia Rykiel, Bulgari and more.

"Sustainable forms of retail and supply chain are our passion. Modern women's values are changing, and it's up to us to pioneer new, sustainable business models to serve them" 


No more middlemen, no more waste. Our direct to consumer model disrupts traditional luxury retail by eliminating the excess time and costs of storing pre-made product in multiple warehouses, unsold sizes and waste, and runway shows that increase our carbon footprint and simply add to the noise.


Provides next-level precision. Careste offers a first of its kind solution: a base of 22 sizes which can be customized as desired leaving no body type out. We guarantee total satisfaction and as close to a perfect fit as you’ll ever get. If there is still room for improvement, the Fit Concierge stands at the ready to make a free alteration.


last longer and wear better. We believe that disposable clothes are a part of the fashion waste cycle which we can eliminate by choosing better. All of our fabrics are 100% natural and sustainably made. Sourced from the world’s finest silk, cotton and wool mills—the same ones that supply the fashion houses of Paris, Milan and New York—our fabrics are superior in touch, appearance and comfort, and they last longer too.


to create your pieces, plus 3-5 to ship to your door.

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