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Our Made to Order, Make a Difference initiative features a continuing collective of diverse, fascinating women who inspire us to give back. Meet the women who make the Cornerstone Collection their own, and see what they’d like to see changed in our world....

Helena Christensen in white blouse with dog
Gayle Rankin sitting in white bow blouseJessica Hart in white puff sleeve blouseRachel Hilson in white long sleeve blouse tied up and jeansIndre Rockefeller sitting in white button down and trousers on stoolKimiko Glenn in white button down and jeansErin Walsh in white button down tied upMandana Dayani in pinstripe suit, arms crossedNicky Deam in white button down pregnantDestene Kinser sitting in Sleeveless white blouse and ripped jeansNazanin Boniadi in white button down and jeansNatalie Joos in white button down and black lace camisole
Helena Christensen sitting with dog in white tie neck blouse



“I’d like for the perspective of our minds and hearts to be changed so we can all move towards a safe, inclusive and all-embracing future.”

Gayle Rankin sitting in white tie neck blouse



“I’d love to see people invest their attention, love and dollars into every facet of their communities. The ritual of knowing and caring about your neighbor is ancient. It’s powerful, infectious and supports change. Big and small. Learn, vote if you can, spend and get to know your community.”

Jessica Hart sitting in white puff sleeve blouse



"One thing I'd like to see change, is that every human understands that there is only ONE race! HUMAN.  Equality for every race, gender and LGBQT.  My wish and hope is that we’re all treated equally no matter where you’re from. Equality for all HUMANS."

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“I would like to see a more intersectional approach to the ways in which we think about the biggest threats to human and environmental rights. Though I list those two separately, a failure to address humans as part of the environment is perhaps why we are in such a dire Earthly situation. Similarly, we fail to include black women and their specific needs in conversations about reproductive rights and gender equality. Communities of color are often left out of discussions about climate change. We have to look at these issues from a wider lens if we’re going to look at them at all.”

Indre Rockefeller sitting on stool

Indre Rockefeller

Co-Founder, Paravel

"My hope is that we will look back on this time as a moment of profound and lasting change. The year we collectively found our voices and learned to be advocates and allies. That we will always view the challenges of the future through the lens of the lessons we are learning today.”

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“I think a little compassion goes a long way. If we all took a moment to consider lived experiences outside of our own, the world would be a much healthier place. Oh, and make sure to recycle. And say no to single-use plastic :)”

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“I would like to see people beginning to own their impact. In realizing that less is more, we can all make more conscious choices as consumers to empower communities AND revitalize our planet. Enfranchisement is directly connected to sustainability. It's time for us ALL to pay it forward.”

Mandana Dayani standing in pinstripe suit


Creator & Co-founder, I am a voter.
Co-host of The Dissenters podcast

“I would love to see greater participation in civic engagement from all Americans. As an immigrant, I know how important it is to fight for our freedom and to ensure its preservation for future generations. And the only way our democracy works, is if we show up for our elections, for our communities, and our vision for equality and freedom.”

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“I believe that knowledge is your greatest weapon, and the most necessary tool to secure change in the world. I would like to see the institutional record amplify marginalized voices and stories with honesty and understanding. The education system has traditionally perpetuated a narrative that is self serving and one sided. With COVID 19 and the current Civil Right’s Movement, it has become more apparent than ever that we all share the same planet; and it’s important we realize we also share the same history. Learning each other’s stories is not just a privilege, it is a necessity to creating a better future.”

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Creative Consultant
Founder of Barrineau

“I'd love to see a bigger commitment to achieving birth justice in the US. Currently, Black women remain three times more likely to die from pregnancy and childbirth related causes than their white counterparts. It's an urgent health crisis that we, as a nation, we must address."

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Stylist, Founder & Designer JoosTricot

“In his book Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari, says that “women are often stereotyped as better manipulators and appeasers than men, and are framed for their superior ability to see things from the perspective of others.” This, he suggests, should make them natural leaders and bosses, more than men are. Managing a war for instance, requires great tact and guile, and the ability to manage and cooperate, for which women seem more fit. We need more women in leadership roles, especially in government. The world would look like a very different place.”

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Author, TV Producer

“My wish is that everyone stops screaming and starts listening and, most importantly, remembers how to laugh.”

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“My hope is that our capacity for empathy becomes limitless so that we can show solidarity with people suffering beyond our borders.”

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Creative & Fashion Director of THE YES

Anna Getty


Founder, Amalgam Kitchen

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Co-founder, Larroudé

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Co-Founder, Maison de Mode

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Founder, Luxury Ink Media

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Co-founder & CEO, HeyMama

Estefania Lacayo


Latin American Fashion Summit

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Executive Director,
Art Production Fund

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Founder, Pivot Projects

Coral Chung


CEO, Senreve

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Careste Hearst Top in white side view
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Careste Hearst Top in white side view
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Careste Melissa Blouse in white with shorts front view
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