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The Inclusive Wardrobe

Model & activist Brianna Marquez–Careste’s newest Community Member–shares her thoughts on the importance of inclusivity as well as her impact on the fashion industry...

careste: What kind of impact do you hope your work has on the industry? 

MARQUEZ: Between the other amazing curve models and myself I hope women and young girls find someone they can relate to. Someone that they can look at and think to themselves, 'look at this woman she is just like me and she is beautiful, happy, and thriving.' Previously, we were taught that there was only one version of beauty and that was the goal of what we needed to chase. I think that our beauty is in our differences and who we are. We are all worthy just as we are. 

careste: Favorite mantra?  

 don't know about a mantra but when I'm feeling down, as a person who spent a lot of my life not trusting or loving myself, I just say no matter what I got this and I'm capable of anything I want in this life.

careste: Tell us about your journey to becoming who you are today and why inclusivity is important to you...

MARQUEZ: My journey that has brought me to this point in my life has been a whirlwind to say the least. I grew up in a small town in the desert without very much and somehow, I now live this dream of a life I never knew I was capable of. Every step of the way I have tried to learn and grow as a person and relearn what it means to actually live a fulfilling life. Inclusivity is important because everyone deserves to be seen in this world. No one is more or less than another person. 

careste: Why is sustainability in fashion important to you?

MARQUEZ: It is important because the fashion industry creates so much waste overall from unused excess materials to fast fashion that sometimes only lasts one season. The more we talk about it and bring awareness that there are other options available, the bigger impact we can make to improve the situation.

CARESTE: What drew you to working with Careste?

I love the feminine silhouettes and the ease of luxury with each piece. These pieces can be dressed down or up depending on the mood of the day but no matter what you decide you feel put together and amazing. 

Lucine Dress

Eva Top

Eloise Pant

Stella Top


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