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Erin walsh on cell phone

Behind the Scenes
with Stylist, Erin Walsh

Erin Walsh has long been one of our sources of inspiration as an effortlessly chic style muse and an important voice in our industry. When we launched Careste, we couldn’t imagine anyone else going behind the scenes to bring our collections to life via her expert styling lens and noteworthy vision.

Herewith, our exclusive conversation with Walsh, a longtime celebrity stylist to the stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington, as well as a co-founder of SBJCT Journal, an activism-grounded creative platform that features extraordinary individuals and brands via the subjects that move them.

careste:  You're such an inspiring voice in our industry; with so much recent opportunity for change, what you are you most excited about?

WALSH:  I am excited about the tremendous opportunity to be of service. This recent time period has really resonated within me the desire to be an instrument of change. I have made the conscious decision to only collaborate with people and brands that also are paying it forward in this way. There is so much work to be done- so it's only by connecting our platforms and working to give more disenfranchised people a voice that we can make things happen.

careste:  How do these times affect how women will want to shop and get dressed? 

WALSH:  Less is More, period. I think we will find people will shop less and invest in pieces that will last longer, developing a more curated, edited wardrobe. I also think the question of sustainability and designer provenance will matter more than ever- consumers are becoming more conscious, and want to make sure their wardrobe reflects what they believe in, as well.

careste:  What about the fashion industry is most inspiring to you right now?

WALSH:  Well, I am VERY excited about Careste's business model! The idea of creating no waste models is SO important to shifting the fashion industry from its current very wasteful status. Things have to change. I am also excited about the idea of the pace finally slowing down. Too much product and too many seasons has never really served anybody.

careste:  When you worked to launch our brand through creative content, talent and inspiring voices, what vibe and which customer were you aiming to attract? 

WALSH:  I want to attract some consciousness! Seriously, I want to unite people who already are activists and leaders and beacons of light with people who are just beginning to touch on their own voices. This is how art and commerce unite. We pay it forward and to inspire with a vision of substance and beauty. In this way, profit can actually be a thing of beauty.

careste:  Which pieces from the collection most appeal to you and how would you style them? 

WALSH:  I just love the texture choices and how seamlessly the color palette blends together. I love throwing any of the white blouses with a white silk skirt or over a slip dress. Love a slip dress with a chunky sweater too. Always a good look.

careste:  With a recent time to breathe and recharge, what are you most looking forward to this summer?

WALSH:  Is there a summer? We just moved to LA. I am looking forward to new beginnings and finding inspiration and gratitude each and every day.



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