100% Made-to-Order Ultra-Luxury Couture

Careste’s unique direct to consumer model disrupts traditional luxury retail by eliminating all the costs of operating retail stores, sales to luxury department stores, warehouses, inventories at multiple touch points, unsold sizes and waste, and runway shows that burden the elite fashion houses of Paris, Milan, London and New York.


Details To Die For

We are fortunate to have partnered with one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury fashion, having created intricate fabrics and garments for some of the most prestigious European labels. With our atelier and workshops in Shanghai, our creations benefit from a rare combination of old world needlework and 21st century technology. This enables us to make each silhouette one at a time.

Our Fabrics


100% Natural fabrics come from the world’s finest, silk, cotton and woolen mills— the same purveyors that ply their craft among the elite fashion houses of Paris, Milan and New York.

There are vast differences in the origin and grades of fibers and yarns used in weaving fabrics, just as there are in the processes of dyeing, printing and finishing. The higher qualities used in our creations, which are many times more costly than average fabrics, are superior in appearance, touch, comfort and longevity.

We use only environmentally friendly, renewable and biodegradable fabrics. We do not use synthetic fabrics, including polyester, nylon and acrylic, which are derived from fossil fuels and petrochemicals. We do not use semi-synthetic fabrics, including rayon, viscose, acetate, lyocell and modal, which are chemically regenerated from cellulose.


Exotic Prints

Each capsule showcases exclusive, Limited Edition printed silk garments numbered like lithographs in an art gallery. These precious prints are created specially for Careste and will appear only on a single Careste style for a brief moment in time. Once the limited quantities are sold, this print will never be seen on a garment again.

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It normally takes 8 days to make your unique top and 3-5 days to deliver it to your door.

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