Our Story

the new luxury: couture on demand

Careste is a new American luxury brand offering on-demand couture: made to order garments crafted from the finest luxury materials, designed by women, for women.

Meet Our Founders


While meeting over coffee in San Francisco in the Fall of 2018, Elizabeth and Celeste began to concept Careste, with the vision of creating the new American luxury brand: a luxury design house that defies the rules of couture while honoring what both hold close: inclusivity, sustainability, expert craftsmanship and women's empowerment.


Celeste Markey is an accomplished leader, team builder, and brand marketer with over 15 years of experience in fashion and lifestyle eCommerce companies.  Through her agency work, including the founding two digital marketing and public relations agencies, Celeste has had the opportunity to work a variety of brands including vitra, Bulgari, Gilt Groupe, and Art Basel.  Celeste is a vocal women's rights advocate, having founded 32/7, a marketplace championing for the needs and rights of working moms in the digital age.


Elizabeth Shah is a highly acclaimed fashion designer with over 20 years of experience, having designed women’s apparel for Giorgio Armani, Emanuel Ungaro, Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Sonia Rykiel, and additionally co-founded the luxury accessories company Rickard Shah. Elizabeth is passionate about green living, having founded Green Dot, and incorporates sustainability into every aspect of her life.

Our Philosophy

Luxury quality

Atelier quality craftsmanship including the exquisite needlework and meticulous attention to detail rooted in the history of luxury fashion are at the heart of everything we create at Careste.

We are fortunate to have partnered with one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury fashion, having created intricate fabrics and garments for some of the most prestigious European labels. With its workshops in Shanghai, our creations benefit from a rare combination of old world needlework and 21st century technology. With a past steeped in high society apparel-making, it is no coincidence that Shanghai has become one of the great centers of modern fashion.

We are Couture.
We are bold and feminine.
And you are invited to join us in changing the world of luxury fashion as it exist today.

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