Hackers and Hustlers

My husband has a theory that in every company there are ‘Hackers’ and there are ‘Hustlers'.  A hacker works more behind the scenes, the creator, the inventor, the coder, the producer, the manufacturer. The Hustler is out front and center, the CEO, PR, Marketing, Sales or Business Development.

Invariably you need both to succeed.

I fully recognize that I am a hacker. I feel much more comfortable working on designs, creating prints and finding ‘that right shade ‘ of color. I love to be in a factory solving problems, the constant jigsaw puzzle of designing.

I have never felt comfortable presenting to anyone let alone selling. This role is quite rightly better suited for people with this talent. The gift to engage with people , sell an idea or a product to have the art of persuasion.

At Careste, I fit naturally into the role of ‘hacker’ whilst Celeste, with her impressive
background in marketing and PR is the ‘hustler’. The perfect combination.

At least that is what I thought until this week.

In a start up there are no teams or divisions separating responsibilities, there is no hierarchy between VP’s versus associate. In a startup if something does not get done, then you and you alone are responsible. In a start up, the expression ‘rolling up your sleeves’ is not a metaphor it’s a reality.

And so this week I was on the phone with Celeste reviewing a very well thought out page for our site that she had designed. Yes, designed herself. I was filling her in on a couple of calls I had had with a potential candidate to whom I was promoting our fantastic stylist program and an up and coming event where I would be the sole sales person. Yes, me selling.

It dawned on me that I was now a hustler and Celeste a hacker!

I do not know where or when these lines began to blur, but truth be told in a small growing business you don’t just need both - you become both.

As we grow and hire more people I wonder if we will fall back into our natural roles, our comfort zones or if we will continue to cross over and tap into our inner other selves.

Either way I can’t wait for next week to see who else we will both become. Personally, I am still hoping for Vice Princess.