Resiliency, Inspiration and The Path Forward

Crisis can do two things: It can break you, or, it can inspire you to incite change.  The past month we have gone inward, looked at the core of our being, and thought at length about what is important to us.

Things fall apart  

In January, when things started to unravel across the globe, Elizabeth and I had front row seats to Covid19, due to our international partners in China, Hong Kong, and now Italy.  Instead of panic, there was a moment of pause and reflection about what good we could find in all of this.  

Innovate to thrive

One thing that happens with each macro event is there is always a culling of sorts:  Familiar and beloved things will disappear to be replaced by new and innovative ideas, brands, business models, and ways of being.  But the message remains clear and consistent, no matter what the event:  Innovate or disappear.  Brands can continue forward on the same path, or they can take time to look at what is working for them, and what is working against them.  We are personally hoping that Covid19 will serve as a wakeup call to traditional supply chains and consumer behavior.  Granted, while we are in the business of selling clothes, we are also on the forefront of a movement towards manufacturing on-demand.  We are the first luxury brand making individual items to order, in sizes 00-20, as well as made-to-measure items specific to customer's specifications.  In so doing, we avoid the waste and excess created by errors in forecasting, and supply chain disruptions from disasters.  In the wake of Covid19, the vast majority of brands are canceling orders left and right, leaving massive amounts of excess of inventory in the marketplace as well as leaving manufacturing partners in a lurch. There is a better way forward for everyone: consumers, manufacturers, and especially mother earth.  So what does that mean for Careste?

The start of something new

When you make something from scratch, no matter what it is, you have an idea in mind of what you will create, and you have your ingredients.  But the path, the making of, and outside forces that will shape your creation remain somewhat unknown (unless you are a scientist).  Since starting our first sketches and business ideas to the past year, we have learned so much.  We have connected with women in person, online, over email, on social media, on the street.  We have tinkered with and activated various business levers.  We have listened.  We have laughed.  We have cried.  We have celebrated.  We have been exhausted. We have looked at the same collection of shirts and dresses until we thought our eyes would bleed.  But, we have been together.  We found our tribe, our believers. 

And for them, we have a beautiful new horizon.  

To be continued.....