The Story Behind Careste

We formed Careste because something important in the world of high fashion wasn’t right.  Have you ever watched a video of the Parisian fashion shows with the rich and famous lining the runways and wondered, why not me?

Elizabeth and I had a meeting of the minds, a couple years ago now, over coffee, when we pondered: Why, with the boom of direct-to-consumer brands, has no one stepped up to design and offer ultra luxury women’s fashion to challenge and disrupt the overpriced and polluting elite fashion houses of Paris and Milan and the $250 billion luxury industry?

So, we joined up with some passionate fashion industry friends and decided to take on that challenge by launching Careste.

The Why.  The Need. The Void.

Before Careste, women’s ultra luxury fashion was only created by prestige fashion houses located in Paris, Milan, and London. These houses set the worldwide fashion trends, offer the most innovative styles, use the world’s best fabrics as well as the highest level of craft and target the rich and privileged.

Problem: All of these prestige fashion houses are not just priced beyond the reach of the vast majority of women, but they are also horrendous polluters and in most cases, offer a very limited range of sizes.

Luxury houses are so entrenched in their outdated, staid way of doing business that they therefore have high prices due to their excessive overhead:  owned stores, wholesale networks, department stores, warehouses, inventories, waste of unsold styles and sizes and runway shows.

Further to that, the ready-to-wear styles offered at luxury stores and online often do not fit well and are restricted to a limited range of mass produced standard sizes that rarely go beyond size 10.  If by chance you can afford to shop at one of these houses, and can then manage to find your size, the most expensive items often contain fabrics made from fossil fuels or chemically enhanced processes.

To the old guard, we say no, thank you.

The What and How 


With years of luxury fashion and marketing experience under our belts, Elizabeth and I set out to defy the traditions of the world of ultra luxury.

We have changed the business model by eliminating all of the elements of the bloated middle by creating original, sophisticated and classic designs with exquisite fabrics individually made-to-order and shipped directly from our luxury factory to clients. In striving for a perfect fit, each garment is custom made-to-measure to each woman’s precise taste or made-to-order from 21 sizes.   

This means we have virtually no inventory or waste.

It is through this simple process that we are able to offer equivalent quality at prices 70% lower than existing ultra luxury. 

Additionally, we are committed to using fabrics that are free from synthetics and semi-synthetics. Our focus is luxury fabrics that are renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. 

Our Goals

Our goal is to bring the highest level of fashion and couture to far more women than has previously been possible and to share the joy of our passions and experiences with a growing community of like-minded women. Our goal is to operate a business committed to creating a carbon neutral footprint and advancing causes that contribute to a better planet. We believe that luxury, inclusivity and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. We believe in the power of women to rise up together to make lasting change.

We hope that you will join the Careste experience and enjoy the community  of like-minded women we have cultivated.

For those who are curious, Careste is the combination of my name and my daughter’s name, Charis.

Yours, always in couture,

Celeste Markey